mayors walk

Named after a local citizen and quiet hero, Bill Schmitt.  The Mayors Walk is envisioned as a walking park separate from the jogging path located on the perimeter of the Val Reiss park area by design in order to accommodate seniors.

It is approximately 2200 feet in length and 50 feet in width.  It extends from the northeast ed of Val Reiss Park to Jacob Drive along the 40 arpent canal.

This project will require additional soil and grading.  Parking can be provided on the northeast couner of Val Reiss Park.  An alternative to this parking area could be adjoining properties on cross streets that are current LLT properties that are donated to the park.

An extension of lighting from existing power lines parallel to Volpe, Gallo, Charles, Campagna, Chalona, and Jacob Drives would provide minimum lighting.

A single 5' wide walking path that encirlces sporadic trees would run the lenght of the path and connect to the jogging path in Val Reiss Park.

A mix of fast and slow growing trees would be placed every 50 feet with appropriate benches.  The walking path would be accented with appropriate low maintenance foliage and or ground cover.

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